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Thursday, September 28, 2023

A year in review for the Earth Club Factory

By Sheldon Rempel

Again it’s been quite a year at the Earth Club Factory, trying to navigate what a tourism/ community business is in this ever changing reality we live in.

I have to say that it is amazing to see all of the components of the Earth Club Factory all in one spot. With a business built on the philosophy of biodegradable, sustainable, appropriate technology, organics, art, music and salted in a bit of hypocrisy because none of us can be perfect but we try and do the best we can.

Really none of this can happen without a supportive community and supportive staff, both of which have been exemplary.

Much has been done in the last year including a new website, finishing off Ben’s pool room, a lot of work on the outdoor performance area, heck we even built a boat at the front of the house.

Our go fund me project for our marquee tent was successful and there she sits hosting a variety of events even in the depths of winter, crazy idea but the music needs to happen. Incredibly frustrating but a reality is having to abide by the Covid restrictions when it comes to performances.

Our team in the restaurant is an incredibly talented bunch of people who care deeply about what they create and how they create it. The challenge of pulling off international meals where it’s a complete learning curve on how to construct the menu, taking days of planning and organization is a wonder to behold. The vegan food gluten-free and organic range in our restaurant is extensive and done with such passion.

In the depths of the winter with administration taking up oodles of time, redeveloping the bulk food area so it is much more organized and then putting together a POS system to better organize the operations. The system will soon go live so after a few learning curves and the usual bumps along the way this should streamline and provide better analytics.

With Christmas right around the corner please drop by take a look at the eclectic line of giftware that we put together. A couple of the more popular things around this time of year are gift card, pie or cookie card. Can you imagine getting a pie or bag of cookies a month for a year, I think that’s a great gift.

Finally, thank you all for your support both staff and community. We really couldn’t of done this without you. Have a very prosperous 2022 (prosperous doesn’t always mean money).



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