Home Sweet Denman

Thomas Provençal


Home Sweet Denman

by Thomas Provençal 

Denman is a solitude,

an island on its own,

even so a multitude 

of people call it home.

There is a mix of culture 

yet a feeling, to be clan,

to share the edge of this dear rock,

take root into Denman. 

The peace that comes with solitude 

is cleansing for the soul. 

Energies of flora and fauna

amplify their role

in keeping all of us in tune 

with how to live our dreams.

Mother Nature’s at the core

and growing through the seems. 

We cater not to tourists 

though we’re along the way 

of merry masked marauders

googling for Tribune Bay. 

We prefer to gather

in self-appointed groups;

no need for pubs or parlours

when pot lucks dish out soups. 

After Hornby traffic dies

our roads become our own. 

They return to loneliness;

we’re usually found at home.