Can We Fix What’s Broken?


Regardless of all that is presently unfolding in the wider world of politics, industry and money, underneath it all, when the chaff is cleared, if we wish to advance the collective cause, a reckoning must be made with the origins of the human state. In particular, it is imperative to investigate and come to an understanding that Love – in its phenomenal form, not the cliche variety – is in fact the generative form of Light. This is the very phenomena that many ancient esoteric disciplines say drives human consciousness, awareness and existence. Some of the most deep-thinking and profound spiritual belief systems have this notion at the core in some form or another: that love is the driving essence of creation and a compelling force that, at its truest, is called light. By virtue of this perspective, the force of love is thought to be generative because it, like all else, is a product or result of energy and intention in its purest form. 

For lack of proper definition, consciousness is thought to be a product of quantum electromagnetic impulse or energy, the source of which humanity is still largely oblivious – the very reason we are still stuck between clinging desperately to money as the prime driver, rather than adopting an informed grander notion of our inclusiveness with the natural world. 

According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, energy never dies, it only transforms – it undergoes a change in composition or structure, or changes its outward form or appearance, a fact with which the purveyors of ancient wisdom also agree: that energy does not dissolve or waste away, it only transmutes (changes in form, nature, or substance). This notion is said to inform the essence of consciousness as well – an “awareness” energy that is a product of the impelling force of creation – that is compelled to expand and evolve to its highest potential – just as all life on the planet has been shown to do via biological imperative and species evolution. 

“Electromagnetic field theories (or “EM field theories”) of consciousness propose that consciousness results when a brain produces an electromagnetic field with specific characteristics. Johnjoe McFadden, an Anglo-Irish scientist, and Professor of Molecular Genetics at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom, suggests in his theories that “digital information from neurons is integrated to form a conscious electromagnetic information (cemi) field in the brain. As such, consciousness is suggested to be the component of this field that is transmitted back to neurons, and communicates its state externally.” Again, with respect to the field McFadden alludes to, it is, as yet, nebulous and beyond reach of empirical/traditional science. This all suggests to me that we are not a random result of chaotic principles as empirical science has proposed, but that we are the result of a compelling force of consciousness and creation that is not “other than” but is within and subject to its impelling force. Our present state is very much a result of cause and condition.  

All else is, in terms of principles and beliefs, largely contrivance and conceptualization – an imposition of observation and meaning in order to make sense of the world. The struggle for the dominion of modern perspectives and ideologies is the very crux of what now faces humanity in almost every facet of human perspective. Whether it be the Sword of Damocles or the salve that heals, prevalent theories and ideas about how we conduct ourselves, is a product of ingenuity, imagination, perception, perspective and belief that is shaped by cultured learning and belief systems that emerge over time. Lack of careful, mindful scrutiny of what we adopt or what is imposed upon the human mind has driven human culture to walk a razors edge of which the cost may be too much to bear if a concerted effort is not made. Virtue is in action. 

By the virtue of mind, we perceive, comprehend and conceive, then, by virtue of hands, feet, eyes, voice, and mind, we create. The prior mentioned spiritual and utilitarian ideologies hold that the essence of human existence is in fact our ability to imagine and create. The result of our combined efforts with respect to culture and socialization is the physical reality and the belief systems that we bring about by virtue of this ability. 

Can we fix what’s broken? When the physical reality and the beliefs and things and the doings within it are created from the centre point, where love is the guiding principle and the prime driver, a reasonably fair and balanced system could evolve. However, for the most part what we have now is the product of systems within systems that are created and driven purely by undisciplined or misaligned human ego, and fuelled by covetousness, greed, desire, and a system that itself is designed to flourish when those principles are applied to varying degrees of result.  

During the 1950s, a group of Japanese primatologists documented a troop of Japanese Macaque monkeys on the island of Kojima they say had demonstrated what appeared to be a unified consciousness effect. They had noted in their research that a female monkey in the group had figured out that if she washed the sweet potatoes they were consuming in water before eating, that younger monkeys in the troop were quick to mimic the behaviour. Eventually the majority of the troop had adopted the skill, except, apparently, the older monkeys in the group, who did not. Shortly thereafter, observations were made in monkey troops on nearby islands who, it was said, had mysteriously learned the behaviour despite no apparent direct connection. Thus the hundredth monkey phenomenon. From this study, it was suggested that once a certain, though unidentified number, had picked up the skill, it had the potential to enter the collective consciousness and become a common link in nearby troops. There are, as always, detractors of the theory, but efforts to disprove the idea seem to lack teeth to altogether dethrone the 100th monkey phenomena. Whether a tendency toward conscious transmission over distance, or whether, as was also proposed, a monkey had swam to the islands and spread the knowledge, is not likely provable. The point I’m making is that recent discoveries in quantum physics, molecular genetics, and on the fringes of medical science have begun to reveal that field theory is a reality – not a concept. The dynamics of consciousness may well link humans not only within their kind, but to the larger reality inclusive of all life on the planet. In this way new ideas and ways of doing take on a life of their own. Thus, they have the potential to transform the nature of human consciousness and the reality we choose to create. 

I propose a deeper discussion about the state of things, and the erosion of democratic, fair-minded principle we are presently faced with. To help create what Freud might have called a bulwark of necessary origin, I believe as story tellers and chroniclers, it is imperative to connect and expand in some form or fashion – perhaps like the mycelium in the forest, which connects all trees across a given landmass, where it has not been broken by human ingenuity. 

When we impose past belief systems that haven’t worked upon new situations, the result will always be the same. There comes a point where old belief systems must be changed, improved and evolved to better result. This is about how we might fix what’s broken. 


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