Pizza, Pop & Chipper


We awoke this morning to threatening skies and an increasing drizzle of rain. It was looking as though it could be one of those days. Seven of us embarked to work with C.O. Person, but not before hitching up our disabled wood chipper and dropping it off at the mechanic in town for repairs. With that accomplished, we tarried forth to the B.M.X. track to continue the work we’d begun yesterday. 

With the removal of the old bin and delivery of a new one, our work was much the same as the day before. Raking, pitch-forking, transporting by wheelbarrow and loading up the dumpster. A morning that justifiably saw us suiting up in rain gear eventually eased under overcast skies and the cover of the evergreens, leaving us to strip away such sweat inducing garb. 

Over lunch break Marie, the park manager, saw fit to bring us pizza, pop and chips as the day’s weather didn’t lend itself to milkshakes. The name of the pizzeria wasn’t stamped on the delivery boxes so there was no way of identifying exactly who was responsible for such tasty pizza. Three pieces each and it didn’t last longer than ten minutes. I gotta say these little tastes of civilization, while not expected, are quite the treat. For shudder inducing comparison, this morning’s breakfast was three slices of cold, stale toast and two pancakes with but a trace of warmth. Certainly not enough to melt the whipped butter we’re given to spread upon them.

It’s well established that lunch is the hottest meal of our days for the reason that we cook on site. We’ve certainly complained about what it is that we’re provided to cook for lunch but the reality is having a stove at least reminds us what a hot meal is like. Still though, none of that rates compared to pizza takeout! 

Once again, a very appreciative thank you goes out to Marie. She may indeed benefit from our pathetically low-wage labor but we, too, benefit from her thoughtfulness and generosity. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

Our day concluded with the retrieval of the presumably repaired wood chipper. With any luck we can now get around to chipping up all of the alders we cleared from the side of the highway which have been waiting on us for almost two full weeks. Much longer and we won’t need to chip them for they’ll likely have decomposed all on their own!