Silly Games


April 9th, 2007

Silly Games

Yesterday’s elements, all stormy and blustery, have given way to more spring-like conditions this afternoon. The day’s weather was still a mixed bag for the better part of the day but the mild evening sun, laying low in the sky, is peeking beneath the scattered cloud cover, casting its golden rays across the grounds now. A nice spring evening full of fresh smelling air and long, crisp shadows. 

We’re finally putting to bed a very long weekend and the restlessness of the lot is now giving way to anticipation of returning to work. It’s surprising we’ve managed to endure the five days off with little incident. The potential for going stir crazy is rather high with so little to do. I suppose the tournaments over the weekend helped to preoccupy ourselves, somewhat. For me, at least, the weekend’s proceedings offered an interesting social study of my peers here. 

I’m amazed how worked up some of the guys can get over things. Arguing rules, organization debates, emotionally vested to a point of annoying. 

‘Spaceship visitor & friend burier,’ Darl proved rather competent at all events that he entered but his incessant scrutiny of the brackets and preoccupation with reminding guys to play and who was to play next, emitted an air of expectation of winning. It only served to crawl under the skin of a few of the guys. Their new goal beyond participating, was to now vanquish Darl. Like little boys, they all seem. Some things can take on an importance all their own. It can be quite tedious bearing witness to. 

Rather than achieve a strand of acceptance or respect for proving adept at some silly games, Darl has only managed to annoy or downright piss off those who’ve cared to notice. And as for those he’s soured, what is with caring so much? Some gaming competitions meant to help break up the monotony of a very long weekend has only resulted in putting these guys further on edge. Hello! They are just games you egomaniacs. Why must you take it on so?! 

Darl is strange enough as it is that whether he notices the angst directed at him or not, it simply just rolls off his back. In such tight quarters I’m sure he does notice but in his quiet, determined, dare I say ‘pathological’ way he revels in irritating these guys as he does. 

Like I said, ‘it is fun to just observe it all from a distance.’

Author: TIG