Letter to the Editor – Bob Whitehouse


I was so sad to read the article by S.W Simpson regarding their medical problems. My experience was just the opposite. I have 2 very bad and painful knees, and Dr. Taylor recommended cortisone shots. After getting the prescription I went to the clinic but Dr. Taylor was away so I got Dr.Villanueva who refused to do the injection. Her policy was “ if it won’t cure the problem , learn to live with the pain” The following week Dr. Taylor did it and I was able to golf again pain free. Now I am 87 years old and of course have other health issues which Dr. Taylor has addressed and has been a great help to me. I find her to be very knowledgeable and  shows great empathy to me as a patient. We are lucky to have her as our doctor on this island. I honestly hope that S.W. Simpson can find the health care they need in one of the many clinics on Vancouver Island or a family doctor in the Courtenay area.

Bob Whitehouse