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The Misuse of Public Finds (Part 2) – Team TIG

Tony Gregson, Chair of DenmanWorks (DW) wasn’t accused of any malfeasance in the Aug.10 article in TIG, Threats, Lies, and the Misuse of Public Funds, but he subsequently fired Publisher/Editor Mike Van Santvoord from his job managing the visitdenmanisland.ca website without cause, and had Mike removed from the DW volunteer Board, charging Mike with bringing “disrepute” to DW.

In the dismissal letter to Mike, Gregson confirms that, “Denman Works recognizes that a DIBS contractor…., while entitled to an opinion on Grapevine editorial policy, had no right to use her position to threaten a withdrawal of advertising [sic].” 

The firing from the publicly funded website job and dismissal from the Board is clearly punitive and politically motivated, for exposing corruption by a publicly funded DIBS employee. Gregson has weaponized the public DW funds he controls, by firing Mike from managing the visitdenmanisland.ca website without cause. Under DW bylaws, a vote to expel a member from the DW Board may only be permitted if Gregson gives the person subject to expulsion an opportunity to be heard by the DW Board and membership, prior to a vote being taken. This never happened.

Gregson is now serving as Chair beyond his 4 year term limit which expired earlier this year. All of the Board members have been personally chosen by himself, and he’s now operating on a one year extension, supported by his hand picked team. Of note, Gregson hasn’t publicly solicited recruits to the DW’s Board and membership in any print advertising.

Publicly funded employees must demonstrate integrity in performing their responsibilities. Tony Gregson performs pure sophistry in attempting to excuse his ill conceived words and actions. In firing Mike Van Santvoord from the website job without cause, Gregson has violated B.C. Labour laws. In forcing a vote to remove Mike from the DW Board, Gregson has violated the B.C. Society Act, and DW’s own bylaws and constitution.

Team TIG is calling for Tony Gregson’s resignation as Chair of DW, the local agency that channels CVRD funds to DIBS, the visitdenman.ca website, and other local agencies, for breaching public trust and the misuse of public funds.

Author: TIG

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