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Two Steps Backwards: Forestry “Reform”: Bill 23

Two Steps Backwards: Forestry "Reform": Bill 23 by Eartha Muirhead The Vancouver Sun, on January 29, 2022 published an article about Forest Ecologist Suzanne Simard. I...

For you on Valentine’s Day

For you on Valentine’s Day By Dante Ambriel February 14 is the feast day of Saint Valentine which has deep roots in our pagan past. Marking...

Summer Gallery Plans for 2022

 Summer Gallery Plans for 2022. The Gallery will be OPENING this Summer to welcome established and new artists to show their work.  There may be...

The End Will Not Come Easily

The End Will Not Come Easily by Ryan on February 4, 2022 The end of the pandemic will not come easily. These words, from Danish political scientist...

Groundwater Licensing: March Deadline

Groundwater licensing for commercial purposes is about to take hold with a bite. March 1st is the deadline for groundwater licensing applications for commercial...

Sarah Hagen: The Goldberg Variations

Mention of Bach’s Goldberg Variations usually wipes the smile off the faces of those who would like merely to relax. The 1741 first edition...

Freedom’s On The Table

FREEDOMS  ON  THE  TABLE                               I lounge in this Diner , (...

An Unpainted Portrait: Not such a close shave

Not such a close shave Aside from keeping our uniforms in the best possible condition at all times, we were also expected to maintain a...

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