Editorial Policy


Opinions expressed in The Islands Grapevine (TIG) do not necessarily reflect that the Publisher.

Inciting violence, hate speech, and pejorative language will not be tolerated.

Whether covering events which entertain us, presenting issues that concern and affect us or highlighting the many interesting and gifted people we call neighbour, the Grapevine celebrates the diversity and inclusivity of our shared island life. The following is our policy on content:

• Profiles of individuals, history, reviews and op ed are published free of charge.

• Literary content including poetry, stories, belle lettres is published free of charge.

• Promotional content for products, services, programs, and events will be published

at going advertising rates.

• Public service announcements, notices of meetings, and news releases will be

published for a fee. Exceptions will be made for emergencies where the public

is immediately endangered.

  • With regret, no exceptions can be made for non-profit status.
  • Letters to the Editor are published free of charge.

The Grapevine is happy to provide an open, public forum for all islanders to speak and be heard. We are steadfast in our commitment to uphold freedom of expression.

As the record of our times, every issue of the Grapevine is a compilation of that week’s submissions. We do not editorialize content, nor do we censor. We ask that writers moderate their own content. The Grapevine reserves the right to edit for brevity. 

We are open to contributions from all Denman & Hornby Islanders. If you’ve something to say, send it our way! No copy and paste submissions. In your own words, please!