Editorial Policy

The Grapevine is dedicated to fostering a sense of community on Denman and Hornby by covering events, issues, and the creativity of the many gifted people amongst us. The following is our policy on content:

• Profiles of individuals, history, reviews and op ed are published free of charge.
• Literary content including poetry, stories, belle lettres is published free of charge.
• Promotional content for products, services, programs, and events will be published at going advertising rates.
• Public service announcements, notices of meetings, and news releases will be published for a fee. Exceptions will be made for emergencies where the public is immediately endangered.
• With regret, no exceptions can be made for non-profit status.

Please keep in mind that Hornby and Denman are a very small market for newspaper publication. We do our best to provide quality content at no cost to our readers but we ask you to understand that this depends on financial viability. Paper, ink, postage, equipment, and rent all add up. As it is, the Grapevine can only be brought to you with considerable subsidy of time and energy by our team which is very willingly given. The Grapevine would like to accept more content free of charge, particularly around community news, and is working on plans to expand its reach and revenue base to move towards that goal.