Letter to the Editor – John Heinegg


Caitlin Johnston has apparently been getting her news from Russian internet trolls. Or maybe the dreaded MainStream Media. How else to explain her letter to the editor assuming that U.S. President Joe Biden has dementia?

   Experts are in full agreement on one thing about Biden: He is old. Consequently, he has an aging brain, so at times he’ll have trouble with word-finding or lose his train of thought. Combine that with jet lag from international travel and a head cold, and you’ll get a situation like the debate a few weeks back. It’s not pretty—but it’s not dementia. 

   The candidate who has the experts talking about dementia is the other old guy. If you don’t trust the experts, just listen to one of Trump’s recent speeches. He’s showing the classic signs: Making basic errors of fact (confusing World Wars II and III, Biden with Obama), spewing word salad. Or ask the American CEOs who left a recent meeting with him saying he was incoherent, comparing him to the classic “drunken uncle”. 

   Not that it matters. Regardless of his cognitive status, if Trump makes it back into the White House he’ll be busy enacting “retribution” against his perceived enemies (and, of course, playing golf). Meanwhile, his aides will be implementing Project 2025, the Heritage Foundation’s 887-page plan for the next Republican administration. The goals: Limit women’s rights (ban abortion nationally, without exceptions for rape or incest; ban contraceptives; end no-fault divorce), replace civil servants with party loyalists, build mass detention camps and deport immigrants, cut pension and medical programs for the elderly and disabled (Social Security and Medicare), deregulate big business, use the military to break up domestic protests, and on and on. In short: install a white patriarchal Christian autocracy. In shorter: fascism.

John Heinegg

Editor’s note: Apparently Caitlin Johnstone isn’t alone in her assessment. The New York Times, The Washington Post, and MSNBC have all opined that President Joseph Biden should resign his Presidency. 


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