Letter to the Editor – Helen Grond


Shortages in the Land of Plenty

The Cold, Hard Reality

“If I weren’t living it, I would never have believed it”

– Denman Islander

By now, the majority of Canadians realize that something very wrong is happening in our world.  It’s happening in our communities, regions, nations and especially at the level of the Centralized Global Governance which has inserted itself into power without our consent or even our knowledge. The big shift we are seeing right now, with nuclear armaments being readied and troop buildups massing around the world, is enough to give even the most complacent pause.  Canada, in it’s traditional “peace-keeping role” is supplying billions of dollars and armaments to the war effort.  Could soldiers be far behind?

The decline in the health and security of the West didn’t happen overnight and isn’t a coincidence.  It’s the byproduct of a plan that has been implemented over many decades and is being coordinated at every level of government even if most are unaware.  It’s been hidden in plain sight.  Many are looking and some have been noticing for a very long time.  One of those people is the late Rosa Koire who was an early whistle blower of the UN Agenda 21/30 for worldwide control through their Sustainable Development goals. “Behind the Green Mask” is the book written by Rosa Koire in 2011.  Her words may not have resonated with many in the past but certainly are now.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBs4ewSONfs  

In this video, Rosa discusses the plan, who is behind it and how it is being implemented.  Environmentalism is the weapon and an excuse to expand power at the global level.  Those agendas are pushed hard, day and night, without ever addressing actual environmental concerns.  The international players in charge – governments, mega-corporations, Central banks, NATO, NGO’s (the UN, WHO, WEF) have partnered up and are integral to the goals of the Centralized World Governance that we have unwittingly been forced to adopt at every level of our swollen bureaucracies.  Trudeau has expanded the federal workforce by 40% in his 9 years of office.  It takes a lot of civil servants to implement Globalist objectives!  The fiscal cost to Canadians has been a doubling of the national debt in those 9 years and burgeoning poverty. 

If you’re old enough to remember the sixties, you can remember what it was like to:

-raise a family on one income

-consume food that was grown locally and free of chemicals

-buy items that were produced in Canada/US and were made to last decades

-rely on a medical system that was functional, well run and trusted

-experience robust health

-have an education system that wasn’t designed to socially engineer our youth

-have our resources used first and foremost for the benefit of Canadians and not to be peddled to the       

 highest bidder on the world stage 

-have an environment that was still relatively pristine

-have governments and institutions we could trust

-have our voices heard

-have food banks, emergency shelters, homeless camps and widespread drug addiction non-existant 

-allow small business, the historical cornerstone of our economy, to thrive

-enjoy a stable economy with low inflation

-have a future for our children

-enjoy true resiliency 

What changed?  The Plan for Centralized World Government was quietly implemented, starting in the early seventies. The plan was advanced by Pierre Trudeau and supported by every leader since and is being aggressively pursued by Justin Trudeau.  The goals of total control of all “resources, lands, humans, plant and animal life” and the dissolution of sovereign nations, are to be implemented by 2030.  The One World Government is rushing to finalize the plan as time runs out.  A further pressure is that people are becoming aware and worldwide resistance is growing rapidly.  It’s a plan that will take whatever we have left and give it to the ruthless Globalists who already control 90% of the world’s wealth.  “You will own nothing and be happy” has been their slogan.   Their entitlement knows no bounds.  

The hour is late but we ultimately have the power to resist these sweeping changes as the Globalists are doubling down and forcing through their agendas.  There is a direct relationship between the rising power of the Globalists and our demise.   The power trio in Ottawa -Trudeau, Freeland and Singh are avowed Globalists and graduates of the WEF Young Global Leaders loyalty program.  Freeland sits on the Board of Trustees at the WEF, as does Larry Fink, the CEO of Blackrock which along with one or two other corporations, controls most of the world’s assets.  The documentary “Monopoly” tracks the control of the financial system by the Corporatocracy.  https://rumble.com/embed/ucfsd.v2kbgie/  

Al Gore is also a WEF Trustee.  His Hollywood Blockbuster “An Inconvenient Truth” (2006) was leveraged into great wealth and he amassed over 300 million dollars, largely through the trade of carbon credits.  This was his political reward for introducing the global warming crisis to the masses.  Genius!  He used some of his wins to purchase a palatial beachfront mansion in California.   Rising sea levels avoid Politician’s waterfront homes as a matter of course.  

We have been suffering under the megalomaniacs in charge for long enough.   Widespread war is what they want and that is very unreasonable.   How many innocent people have died or been displaced in the last few years alone?  We must stop the madness with whatever voice we have left.  The first thing we can do, is refuse to give our votes to anyone with a Globalist agenda.  They are the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing.   

Just kidding – was wondering if anyone would fall for the conspiracy theory.