Letter to the Editor – Perri Gorrara


In God knows how many Words or more!” By  Perri Gorrara

This mini diatribe is written in response to  Bill Engleson’s pronouncement in The Flagstone, and I quote:

“Recently, and not for the first time, a Facebook note urged our community to heal. While a noble aim, I have doubts about whether we can. Covid drew a line in the sand. Our community,  those who either cared to express an opinion, one way or the other and/ or opted to mask/vaccinate or not, fashioned a divide. These divisions were significant.”

He continues his pronouncement by applauding DIRCON (Denman Island COVID-19 Response Coordination Network) and closes his mini-polemic with the following statement:

“Of course, there were other forces working in an opposite direction. They are still festering.”

Those “other forces” that are “festering” are working hard to build community and support the most vulnerable on both Hornby and Denman Island. They socialize and discuss the state of Canadian and world society on a regular basis. They have developed a network in which they help and support each other in practical and emotional ways. The “line in the sand” is becoming evermore blurred as more islanders engage with these “other forces” to create hope, support and wellbeing within our communities. Where are you in all this, Mr Engleson?  Maybe you should attend a gathering and explore ways in which you can help to heal our communities rather than hurling salt into the COVID wound.

In closing, I must, once again, thank The Islands Grapevine for continuing to embrace all sides of every discussion and Mike, for standing strong and true through all the storms that have come the way of The Grapevine.. Carpe Diem.


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