Letter to the Editor – Helen Grond


Breaking The Spell

If a lie is only printed often enough, it becomes a quasi-truth, and if such a truth is repeated often enough, it becomes an article of belief, a dogma, and men will die for it.” The Crown of Life, 1869

I’m glad that the recently released documentary, “Climate – The Movie” is now widely available for free (link below).  After decades of controversy, the “biggest scientific scandal in human history” is finally being seriously scrutinized from every angle.  It’s long overdue.  There have been countless books, films, videos and articles produced over the years but this new film is very comprehensive and straightforward in its treatment of an incredibly complex subject that can easily fly over the heads of the non-expert.  The complexity of the issue accounts for a lot of the success of the unprecedented alarmist propaganda machine.  

The film chronicles a sober and detailed portrayal of what the scandal is, how it was propagated, and who is behind it.  Contributors are highly respected world experts and scholars.  Every aspect of the scandal is explored in an intelligent and thoughtful way, relying on an abundance of well-established facts.   You will find out what actually drives climate change and what can be expected in a world where climate has always changed naturally and always will.  It’s of outmost importance to understand natural cycles because they can have huge impacts, even if they occur over long time-frames.  We all deserve to know the impact of well-understood natural short term cycles because they have real implications for local food growing conditions.  Besides, had lay people been informed about basic natural climate change processes, the scheme would never have worked.

The hijacking of the environmental movement by the most powerful organizations on the planet was achieved through the exploitation of human vulnerability to fear and propaganda.  Fortunes were made, and are still being made, but the environment was never the beneficiary!  The lifeblood of the scheme is vigorous and perpetual fear, injected continuously into the public’s psyche.  The constant hits of impending disaster keep coming but they are losing their impact.  The truth can no longer be contained.  People are growing weary of the ever shifting narratives of doomsday climate events that never materialize and have never been supported by evidence.

The disintegration of the narrative began when the Cult was forced to shift the story from “global warming” to “climate change” due to a severe shortage of actual warming.  Lately, in desperation, the Cult went on to grasp at any absurdity to deflect from their massive failure to predict warming trends.  

The infamous Climategate scandal (2009) exposed the rot and deceit behind the scenes at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and their partners.   A whistleblower released emails regarding internal discussions on how to fudge the data to hide the fact that a warming trend (natural) from 1978 to 1998 took a 20 year pause right after.  Just one of those inconvenient truths, I guess.  The media helped cover it up but many ethical scientists distanced themselves from the tainted narrative and became outspoken critics.  That should have spelled the end of the nonsense, but there was too much at stake.  “Climate – The Movie” gives good background on how countless scientists have been forced to “go along” with the propaganda to keep their jobs. Where have we heard that before?

The film looks at both historical and recent data on temperature, CO2 levels, extreme weather events, ocean levels, coral reef health, forest fire risks and even polar bears.  Remember that “science” is evidence based and not the outcome of repeated political talking points.

The Climate Cult has been the main contributor to an entire culture of hopelessness in our youth, who see no point in bothering with a world that has always been presented to them as broken with no possibility of repair.   Who can blame them?  Suicide, drug addiction, mental illness and poverty have been induced by those who clearly scorn humanity.  Show this film to your older kids as it could go a long way to ease wide-spread anxiety which is plaguing children everywhere as they have been especially targeted with fear campaigns.  How dare they!  It took barely 20 years for the hypocritical global warm-mongers to strip humanity of its future.  This is the true existential threat.

We can turn it around and bring back hope by educating ourselves.  We must focus on making real efforts to clean up the social, environmental, political and financial mess we find ourselves in. The costs to society have been staggering over the lost decades consumed by this scandal.  It won’t be easy but at least we will be moving in a positive direction. We sorely need the change.

And, for heaven’s sake, let’s stop scaring our kids to death!


Helen Grond, M.Sc. Geology


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