Letter to the Editor – Eartha Muirhead


I am a wee bit grumpy after scrolling through countless pages of climate denial on the website “Climate Conservative Consumer” (www.c3headlines.com) as cited by Helen Grond, in her last week’s article titled “Give Science A Chance.”

In case you don’t have time to look at it, here are a few lowlights. 

The New York Times reporting of climate change is scorned as “climate porn” and “fear-mongering….the essential US propaganda instrument for left/liberal/progressive policy.” Bjorn Lomberg, who claims “climate change is real but not the apocalyptic threat we’ve been told it is” and author “False Alarm”  “is called an anti-CO2 activist.” Greg Blanchett, not found on my internet search, is named as a member of “The Very Sick Fuck Club.” A FB group by that name spouts violent, racist and sexist jokes. 

“Leftists” like Joe Biden and Barack Obama are using propaganda to conspire against true science: “….the global warming hysteria and conspiracy of the left’s science will hopefully be another cleansing episode that reduces the high fever of corruption ….that the ruling elites are using.” This sentiment reminds me of hearing a radio interview with the BC United Party leader who repeatedly claimed that the NDP are “radicals”. Political historians will be rolling over in their graves if they catch wind of this double-speak.. 

“Give Science a Chance” claims that the International Panel on Climate Change refuses to engage with the world’s leading climate scientists. Yet, in 2009, James Lovelock, an independent scientist claimed “when I criticize the IPCC,  I am most of all criticizing the the lack of wisdom amongst managers and politicians who forced scientists to manipulate data until it satisfied all of the nations present.” The IPCC was watering down the facts in an attempt to gain consensus from as many nations as possible. Meanwhile, Grond want us to believe that the IPCC has been exaggerating their findings, which  “ignores the 150 years of established climate change research.” In 1972 I do recall my biology prof speaking of climate change but that was not 150 years ago. 

As for the claim that the world is cooling; The Pacific Salmon Foundation reports ever-increasing warming temperatures in BC’s rivers and oceans. Currently CO2 levels are at 427 ppm, compared to 365 ppm in 2002 and up by 50% since the 18th century. I sure wish it was merely a coincidence that the climate is becoming increasingly unstable while C02 levels rise. I sure wish these fanatical climate pornographers would leave us alone.