Shortages in the Land of Plenty: Give Science a chance


Shortages in the Land of Plenty

“It’s not what we don’t know that gets us into trouble.  It’s what we know, for sure, that just ain’t so”

-attributed to Mark Twain

Give Science a Chance

The following four graphs display data that are all part of the accepted scientific record and focus on the last decade, 128 years, 15,000 years and 400,000 years.  

The first graph shows global temperatures over the last 8+ years (black line) with the mean in blue.  The green dots represent the increase in CO2 levels.  Two important takeaways are:   1. We are clearly not boiling.  2. Wildly fluctuating and now rising CO2 levels do not show they cause rising temperatures now, nor have they ever on any time frame studied. 

Long studied and understood natural warming has averaged 0.8 degrees C per century for the last approximately 400 years and is staying consistently in that range.  Many people are unaware that natural, long term warming (and cooling) cycles exist and that natural warming accounts for most, if not all, of the 1.5 C increase that has been attributed to post-industrial emissions.  

The well understood decadal oscillations (natural 20 to 30 year climate cycles in black) are quite apparent in the following simple graph.  The El Nino, La Nina cycles contribute to the individual spikes (grey) that are averaged in.  Pay close attention to the grey areas.  Don’t get too focussed on the big spikes, they are misleading.  The pattern changes after 1960.  















The following graph shows temperature changes over the last 400,000 years.  Currently, most evidence based climate trends (unlike the IPCC computer generated models) have the planet descending into a cooling phase not a warming one.  I think people are starting to notice and they should because the planet has historically spent most of it’s time in cooling phases as the graph clearly shows.  





Cyclical and often dramatic temperature changes have always happened and scientific understanding strives to understand the complex underlying mechanisms.  It will never be settled; it’s a process, like all science.  What is settled is that the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) consistently ignores the 150 years of established climate change research that contradicts their narrative and instead requires you to believe their internally generated predictions and computer models which have been proven wrong over and over. Why? Is it because maintaining that narrative protects what has become a trillion dollar industry?  

Without data and evidence, “science”  becomes a faith-based belief system.   It’s time to bring “climate change” out of the category of religion where it cannot be questioned or debated and back into the realm of science where it must be questioned and debated.  The political organization known as the International Panel on Climate Change refuses to engage with the world’s leading and well respected climate scientists and has for 35 years.  By understanding these simple graphs, you already know far more about climate change than the IPCC does!  For further information about natural climate variability follow this link.