Letter to the Editor – Leif LeBaron


Oakley Rankin’s “Letter on EMI” last week states: “[…] most of us are using portable devices which cannot be cabled.”

Many people seem to be similarly mistaken, but wireless devices (be they Android or Apple) can indeed be connected by cable. To be clear, one can disable wi-fi and alternatively connect to the Internet or another wi-fi device (television, printer, &c.) by cable, using an adapter. It’s worth noting that cables also provide superior speed, reliability, and security.

Many variations of small, inexpensive, “dongle” adapters are available. Some just have one port, but there are multi-function models which provide many ports (Ethernet, HDMI, USB, charging, &c.), all in a compact case with a short cable. Just be sure your device is compatible and matches the connector (usually USB-C these days, but even Apple’s obsolete proprietary connector is available).

Oakley’s letter also states: “I know that EMI is very real and have tasted its effects.”, yet it begins by dismissively conflating EMI with psychosomatic illness and “bogus diagnoses”. Again, I think many share such an opinion, which is not surprising, considering the emphatic assurance of safety & efficacy from government & industry, and the lack of personal enquiry.

Suffice it to say: In contradiction to the status quo, a large body of evidence exists, there to be seen, by those who choose to look, To quote Oakley’s letter once more: “Ask your children and grandchildren how this would sit with them!”