Letter to the Editor – J. MacMillian


Just be Nice, the admonishment stated on the first issue of the new local paper. The second issue rebuke is, Don’t Be a Jerk. 

I have sat with these, my ire rising. Just Be Nice, is a new variation of the Just be Kind reprimand given to women, to spare the fragile male ego. We are taught from a young age to compromise, be kind, nice, and to jolly him along so as to not upset him. We know innately that an upset male is a dangerous male. Don’t be a jerk, a bitch, a harridan. Accommodate him, appease him, just be nice.  Be kind and accept all these rights stripped away. Be Nice and don’t speak out against the obvious lunacy. 

The cancel culture is alive and well and fostered in our little island paradise. Fostered by those who plead for everyone to pretend that the sacred SJW would never stoop to a wrong thought or act. Performance theater of the social justice is the new blackface of paternalism. And we are expected to swallow the performance along with our bile.

What will be next from that misogynistic little rag? Just Be Silent?

Never mess with women over 50, they are full of rage and tired of your crap.

J. MacMillian