Shortages in the Land of Plenty


A new study, recently released, looked at a 99 million person cohort of vaccinated individuals in eight different countries, including BC and Ontario in Canada.  COVID-19 vaccines and adverse events of special interest: A multinational Global Vaccine Data Network (GVDN) cohort study of 99 million vaccinated individuals

The study investigated adverse reactions and the results confirm multiple previous studies and what many are experiencing after receiving the COVID-19 shots. 

The brands studied were Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.  Even though the individual reactions are described as “rare” –  the overall numbers are staggering, considering that 13.5 billion shots were administered world-wide.  For example, an increased risk of myocarditis is associated with all vaccine brands.  The second Moderna shot alone results in an increase of 610%.   This translates into millions of cases of myocarditis – a serious illness and no longer rare!  That may not be the person’s only problem as the shot affects multiple bodily systems and there are a host of seemingly unrelated issues that people are experiencing.  These reactions are having a “stacking” effect contributing to the observed range of post vaccine injuries that have been difficult to tie to the shot, based on the way information is collected and analysed.   

Problems increase with the number of shots taken and can show up many months after vaccination.  Damaged human tissues bear the unique genetic signature of the mRNA vaccines and represent conclusive evidence that most reactions are not related to the lingering effects of actual COVID 19 infection, as has been proposed.  Low vaccinated countries are largely being spared the massive increases in excess deaths (approx. 20%) and injuries seen in heavily vaccinated countries since 2021.  The adverse reactions are coincident with the release of the vaccines and track closely wherever they are investigated.


“The Bradford Hill criteria for causality includes nine viewpoints by which to evaluate human epidemiological evidence to determine if causation can be deduced:  strength, consistency, specificity, temporality, biological gradient, plausibility, coherence, experiment, and analogy”.  The association of the vaccines with observed adverse reactions satisfies all the Bradford Hill criteria for causation-the gold standard.  The shots are responsible for excess all-cause mortality. 

The mRNA technology being used to produce the vaccines is experimental and long term studies have never been done.  Short term animal studies, prior to the pandemic, were unsuccessful in demonstrating safety.  The controversial shots are still being administered even though they have been shown to increase the risk of contracting COVID 19 significantly as shown in this important Cleveland Clinic study.

It’s very important to put pressure on Public Health Authorities in Canada and demand answers.  Print out the studies and give them to your doctor.  It’s possible that busy health care professionals are not being kept informed.  “It is frequently stated that it takes an average of 17 years for research evidence to reach clinical practice”  That would be unforgivable in this case.,evidence%20to%20reach%20clinical%20practice

Author: TIG