The Summer Gallery 2024


The Summer Gallery 2024

 Calling all Denman Artists.  Once more the Summer Gallery Committee is looking for Artists to fill the Gallery with amazing artwork for our visitors and local community to enjoy.

This year we have already been approached by some local artists and it is time for everyone to put in formal proposals.

The Gallery season will open on June 6th and continue until September 3rd.  During this time we are looking for shows by single artists and groups of two or more to fill the Gallery with a variety of media: paintings, pottery, photographs, sculpture and any other art forms. to provide an exciting mixture of work.

We have many new artists on the island now and we are particularly interested in helping them become more well known. To this end we  provides lots of publicity, an Opening night, with wine, to provide an opportunity for artists to speak about their work and a Curator to  help set up the show. 

All you need to do is grab a proposal package from Abraxas in the Arts Denman box, or send your completed proposal to Andrew at

If anyone needs further information please call Judith Scruton at 250 335 2069 or any one on the Summer Art Gallery Committee.  The closing date for proposals is March 29th and the committee will meet on April 2nd to review the proposals. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.  

Author: TIG