Letter to the Editor – Susan Sperrer


“Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist” – Frederick Douglas

It’s very disappointing that some people are putting the screws to a magazine made excellent by its willingness to support any person’s view via Freedom of Speech – an important and fundamental right supported by Section 2 of our Charter.

Freedom of speech has created democracy, given rights to women, abolished slavery, established marriage equality, etc., and is practiced freely in our House of Commons. Yet somehow, for TIG, freedom of speech has become unacceptable. Had TIG inserted ads and stories endorsing alcohol and pharmaceuticals to support Mike’s efforts, no one would blink an eye. Now let’s do some comparisons…

  • Globally, deaths from Covid since 2020 has amounted to 7.3 million according to W.H.O.
  • Global annual deaths from alcohol consumption is 3 million. It also comes with the added effects including harm to family, friends, co-workers and strangers via intentional or unintentional injuries caused by vehicular accidents, rage, violence, suicide, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, mental health issues, tuberculosis and HIV. Then  take into account DALY (disability adjusted life years) – this amount is staggering!
  • The third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer is attributed to side effects from prescription drugs (nim.nih.gov)
  • Global annual deaths attributed to tobacco, alcohol and drugs totals 8.71 million!

So consider this – when you purchase or view such media as magazines, newspapers and television endorsing alcohol or pharmaceuticals, you contribute to the above stats, Covid aside. Shouldn’t this then also enter into censorship or should it remain in the arena of hypocrisy? Do you get the drift? TIG merely prints viewpoints as any good rag should and you should take it or leave it. Just don’t crucify.

Susan Sperrer