Letter to the Editor – Maxine Rogers



I have a suspicion that this is going to be a weird year.  The World Heath Organization (WHO) is going about saying they are expecting another pandemic, which would be good business and a stroke of luck for them.  They go on to say it will be twenty times stronger than Covid 19 was.  

The WHO is an unelected and, seemingly, unaccountable organization. They produce no evidence to back up their prophecy.  No outbreaks of disease X have been reported anywhere in the world.  They have had no sample cases to study but they come out with a very precise estimate of how deadly their, currently non-existent, plague will be.  It is possible they they have a very good crystal ball or a clairvoyant  who can see the future.  

Another possibility is that they are cooking up some virus in a lab.  I can see no other ways that they would have such detailed knowledge of a currently nonexistent ailment.  You see what I mean about it being a weird year.  

What makes me wonder all the more is that I see no discussion on mainstream media about how the WHO has come to such a startling knowledge of the future.  Other topics missing from mainstream media include the enormous farmer protests in Europe.  The French farmers, in particular, seemed to be having heaps of fun blockading cities, setting fire to many tractor tires on motorways and similar.  An international group  of farmers protested in Brussels with burning tires, lots of eggs thrown at the EU parliament and not a word on the CBC or the BBC.  

I used to think their job was to report the news but they really seem more interested in suppressing the news.  They never mentioned the enormous farmers’ protests in the Netherlands at all.  I just checked and the BBC World Service has a nice article on Taylor Swift going to watch a sports game her current boyfriend is playing in.  Honestly!  Are there not more important things happening in the world?  

More worryingly, the excess death rate is still very much elevated in all the countries where people took a lot of the Covid 19 vaccinations.  Countries where the uptake was a lot less, Eastern Europe and Africa for example, have much less troubling excess death rates.  I find that bit of information suggestive but that is only my opinion.  These excess deaths never seem to make it into the mainstream news.  

People are dying of cancer in a matter of weeks from diagnosis to death which may be a good thing for the individual as having cancer for many years must take much of the fun out of life.  Some people are dying before they receive a single cancer treatment.  It used to take people far longer to die of cancer.  

These new turbo cancers have popped up in the last few years along with the very elevated excess death rates.  I hear not a word of this on mainstream news. I am sure we have all heard of examples of turbo cancer taking people on our little islands in the last few years.  I find it odd this this is not being reported on.  

Our neighbours south of the border seem unable to decide if they should make war on Russia, China, Iran or Texas.  Let us hope their puzzlement leads to their not being able to pick a target.  It would be very sad for them to have another Civil War.  

The last one did not do them much good.  Yes, the slaves won their freedom but it would have been far cheaper for the Federal Government to simply buy and set free all the slaves in the slave states.  It would have cost vastly less than the war did.  If the Americans do decide to go to war this year, I am puzzled as to how they plan to pay for it.  Their national debt is stratospheric.  We do live in interesting times.

BC is looking at a very small snowpack this winter.  If more snow does not come we will be very short of water and that means we will also be short of hydro electricity.  I expect the price of both water and power to go up sharply.  My family in Vancouver has never had to worry about water but there are already calls for people in the cities to curb their water usage as the reservoirs of Vancouver are still very low.  

That will be a challenge for most people from Vancouver as they have previously lived in an enchanted world where water always came out of a tap, no matter how much they used.  Alberta is looking very dry too.  Perhaps we will hear something about that on the mainstream media but I am not holding my breath.