Dishwasher Down


April 6th, 2007

Dishwasher Down

It’s just past 11:00 pm as I get to writing now. The day has been long. Longer than the usual as the spectre of five straight days away from work permeates the grey matter. For the most part I’ve been reading all day. I’m currently engrossed in a book by Richard Adams. ‘Watership Down’ has been a thoroughly entertaining read. I had been reading a Carlos Casteñeda work previously but it proved exceedingly dry compared to Adam’s story about rabbits. ‘The Yaqui Way Of Knowledge’ seems more like a college essay or thesis, telling of a young man’s apprenticeship with a native elder. Experimentation with hallucinogenic plants like mescolito, datura and devil’s smoke, in the pursuit of gaining strength and wisdom, ultimately becoming a man of knowledge. Its dryness lie in the fact that it is less of a story and more an account documented for the purpose of conveying it in a paper. ’Watership Down’ however, is a story richly told. Wonderful descriptive, thickening plot and adventure and suspense in most every chapter. An allegorical tale told through the experiences of long-eared, furry, four-legged creatures. Perfect Easter weekend reading!

Given I’ve hidden away with this book that Shana brought down for me from last weekend’s visit, I’ve not got much to write on from the day’s events. Pretty much your standard day here in Campbell House. 

Our meals of late have been served increasingly in styrofoam cups, plates and disposable cutlery as the kitchen dishwasher is on the fritz. It has been so for four days now. It was hardly of note to begin but after having our soup in styrofoam cups for the last three days, it was a bit of a lark to have this morning’s porridge served in one as well! Cold toast, muffin and porridge in a styrofoam cup. Lukewarm at that. You can just taste the love! While it isn’t very warm at least it’s not fuzzy! I can’t imagine what will happen should they run out of the disposable vessels they’re rifling through straight to the landfill whilst waiting on the repair. Whatever etiquette I had instilled in me prior to landing here will have to be disregarded altogether come the day my cold morning porridge is served to me in my hands!  I’m told that special considerations are taken with the menu during occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. Whatever those ‘special considerations’ may be I imagine they’ll be largely moot when left to using plastic cutlery on disposable plates. But then, yes, I suppose this is what jail is all about.