Letter to the Editor: Bob Morley



To Denman Works, Director Daniel Arbour, CVRD Manager Doug Demarzo:   If you wish to be leaders, you will be frustrated, for very few people wish to be led. If you aim to be servants for your communities, you will never be frustrated!

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. (Gandhi)  It is time to get out of the self-imposed cul-de-sac down which the ideas and inspirations of TIG have been lured and then quietly strangled! As censors, you make it apparent that you know more than you think we ought to know.  And in your silence, the argument is carried on by other means. 

This manipulation of our freedom has got to change. For as  Kingsley Amis says, ‘If you can’t annoy somebody, there is little point in writing’!   I have always enjoyed the publications of small Island papers like the Gulf Islands Driftwood and in my Thurs walk to the post box, eagerly look forward to the varied views expressed in The Islands Grapevine.                                                                                                 I am no prophet, but if you continue to deprive publicly funded dollars from our community paper, you will open a pandora’s box that has no end. You have the opportunity to quietly and publicly sow the seeds of freedom by restoring the public funding of our press.  

A concerned resident, 

Bob Morley