Letter to the Editor – Oakley Rankin


Re: Job advertisement from an ‘agenda driven woke company’

I have to report that all the best positions for this particular job application are already taken; they have been filled by ‘unwoke’ persons.  Look to Victor Orban, Vladimir Putin, Jair Bolsonaro, Jarosław Kaczyński, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Javier Milei, Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and many others.  All have enacted or said they will enact the three duties listed as well as much more of the same.

The use of the term ‘woke’ dates from the 1930’s and can be found in the some of the songs of Lead Belly.  It derives from African American English and has been adopted widely to describe the awakening of people to racism, white identity, and other problems of social justice.  It is seen largely as a characteristic of the ‘left’ and, as such, has been redefined by the ‘right’ as a pejorative to indicate the stupidity of the left’s call for social justice and foreclose any reasonable discussion of those ideas and  project your own faults on to those you view as enemies. 

So I am afraid that this particular company will have to redefine their job description for ‘woke’ employees as the duties listed here for the job are more than adequately fulfilled by ‘unwoke’ persons on the right who currently have a lock on the field.  

P.S. I am hoping that the term ‘unwoke’ might be taken up to describe all those who believe that social disabilities and problems have either been solved or are of no importance.  Many of them can be identified by their prating about lack of ‘freedom’ in our country and life under our democratic ‘tyranny’ where they demonstrate clearly they have no idea what either term means in practice or theory.  Of course when has experience and truth got in the way of one who wants to order a culture their way and not the highway.

Oakley Rankin