Ima’s Kitchen Updates


We just got informed that Bronwynne’s shoulder surgery will take place on January 8th. We have three baking weekends (Friday baking and farmers market) left until then. We will be baking on the following days : 

—December 15th and 22nd

—January 5th. 

If there is enough demand for stocking up on bread, we will look into adding a midweek baking day throughout this time. Also stay tuned for pop up evenings (pizza, falafel..)

After Bronwynne’s surgery, rehab will take 3-5 months during which she will not be able to work. For the first month yogi will be off work as well in order to assist in all the day to day tasks around the house and to make sure her recovery goes as smoothly as possible! After that, we have made plans for some friends and family members to come help yogi run the bakery and ice cream production to some extent in order to make income! 

We are not as yet sure what our business will look like over 2024 but will keep you updated as we navigate this challenging chapter of our life!

We would like to thank you all, again and again, for your support throughout our years on island and look forward to whatever comes next, and are excited to keep making your tummies happy!!pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic_1.pngpastedGraphic_2.png

Take care, from Bronwynne, Yogi, and June