The Hypocrisy of Bureaucracy is Killing our Democracy


The Hypocrisy of Bureaucracy is Killing our Democracy!

Taking multiple species with it, we humans are in a pickle! High in the head, we are the only breed living outside nature’s equilibrium! So ‘Batten down the hatches – FOLKS!’

Under the guise of caring, self-absorbed brains have managed to promote themselves through clever high-tech manipulation. Democracy – as we imagined it – shall  be no more! Note the ‘Woke’ movement!

To blame is a no-brainer! To begin taking responsibility – as aware individuals – is a beginning! 

Did you know that more than 50+% of all our country’s jobs are with the government? 

Democracy: ‘the practice or principles of social equality.’  

Communism: ‘a governing system in which the state controls the economy – while claiming to make progress towards a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared.’  

Bureaucracy: ‘an excessively complicated administrative procedure of controlling the masses!’

The main difference = handson versus handsoff!  

i.e. Passive trust in those you’ve jointly put in charge of common affairs will ultimately serve and fulfill their own needs. It’s human nature. Survival of the fittest! 

 The Hypocrisy of Bureaucracy: It is foolproof!’

We are on the cusp of BEING HUMAN – as we know it!

It’s either TIME we ‘WOKE’ up, or we are destined to the machinations of a handful of upfront Tech-IMBIBERS !

PS: I recently quit a 12year web-project:  

Meant to cover our still British Columbia ☹ Washington and Oregon > with our mountain range/ valleys and ocean running North-South in common!  

– As small communities we would ‘Work from the Inside-Out,’ as far as self-sustainably required. 

– We came close in the seventies with some 350 newbe ‘homesteaders’.  However, I was ‘In Over My Head!’

 – Facebook is doing it their way!