It has history

Bitter like the taste

Born in Canada

In the form of a paste

After a sickness killed twenty million

Following the first world war

One man had an idea

For the rich and the poor

His name was William Buckley

A pharmacist established in Toronto

Who needed a cure for cough

He got down to business pronto

It is an odd mixture

Consulting of pine-needle oil

Ammonium carbonate and menthol

With irish moss extract from the soil

Take one spoonful

Ten milliliters to be exact

The taste lasts a while

After going down the hatch

For a moment no taste occurs

The it kicks in

Most horrible on the tongue

The flavor remains grim

I am currently sick

As I write this poem

Took Buckley’s a few minutes ago

I hope to soon roam

I’ve heard it works well

To get rid of a cold

It has worked for a century

A story that I have just told