by Mr. Unknown

One of countless attractions

On the coast of B.C

Is an extremely unique creature

Monarchs of the sea

The most well known and respected

With black and white tones

Orcas travel in pods

Whip out your cameras and phones

The great humpback

Leaves a feeling of awe

That white patterned belly

That low calling song

Playful and smart

Shiny and gray

Dolphins follow your boat

Staying behind in the wake

Take a trip further and deeper

To meet the king of the giants

The massive blue whale

The biggest creature confirmed by science

Whales are almost a fantasy

How the rise and they fall

The fin breaking the surface

The rest follows tall

Whales call to each other

For miles on end

Singing a loud low note

To communicate with a friend

To keep this species alive

May stand a tall order

The numbers have declined

We must give population a border

The wrongdoing is not ours

Our ancestors take the blame

Whale blubber provided lamp oil

Along with soap

This made a great pain

With one dreaded harpoon

An animal life ended for fame

We still marvel

We still look

Over splashing salty water

Our breath is now took

They thrive

They live

They eat

They give

 A thrill

As they dip

In and out of the sea

Our eyes see a whale

But a strong feeling overpowers

In you and in me

Take a breathtaking trip

Take an adventure of fun

And you might

You just might

See a surfacing whale baking in the sun

Cutting the wavy pacific

Swimming down deep

Symbolising the ocean

With every water churning leap

Rulers of the ocean