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The Future of Democracy in Canada – Perri Gorrara

The Future of Democracy in Canada

Given the current political situation in Canada, it is perhaps, time for Denman and Hornby Islanders to reflect on the current state of affairs and contribute to the restoration of our honour, social and political rights and our place in the world as a peace-loving, fair, unprejudiced and honourable society.

The ideas below are, largely, drawn from The Canadian Citizens Declaration of Non-Confidence.

The Trudeau government’s history of scandals, ethical violations and lack of transparency, including but not limited to the Aga Khan scandal, the SNC Lavalin affair and the WE Charity scandal demonstrate a clear disregard for the rule of law and the ethical standards to which all public servants must adhere.

Accusations of political interference in critical national institutions such as the RCMP erode the essential separation of the powers of the state and put at risk the independent functioning of our democratic system.

We are experiencing threats to our National Security that are being ignored by our government.

The current minority government has taken alarming steps to infringe upon the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canadian citizens. Specifically, the deliberate vilification of citizens who are exercising their right to freely assemble and express their dissent. Despite the fundamental role of peaceful protest in a democratic society, citizens have faced arrest, legal sanctions and the freezing of their financial assets by the Federal government. These actions have a chilling effect on free speech and the right to protest, representing an overreach of government power that threatens the very foundation of Canadian democracy.

Lastly, the coercion to take the Covid-19 vaccine was not, simply, undue pressure, it was a tyrannical act that borders on medical fascism. Trudeau’s government  used employment termination, social ostracization and exclusion from fundamental societal services as tools of compulsion, amounting to nothing less than a flagrant infringement upon our most basic human rights.

In light of these concerns, we need to look at ways to resolve these issues and prevent them from occurring again in our future.

  Here are some ideas that could encourage discussion in our communities.

1. A National Election should be declared immediately, given the evidence of malpractice listed above.

2.    The practice of whipping votes should be abolished. Each member of Parliament should vote according to their conscience and the needs of their constituents, not their party. Party leaders must earn, not command, the loyalty of their colleagues.

3.     Any proposal involving foreign aid expenditures over $5,000,000.00 must be subject to open debate and votes in the House of Commons and the Senate.

For decisions involving the funding of a foreign war, the electorate should have the final say through a National Referendum.

4.    Each Member of Parliament should make a binding commitment to uphold the principles of truthfulness and transparency in their interractions within the House of Commons, with the media and the general populace.  Violation of this oath will be subject to criminal prosecution and dismissal from Parliament.

5.    The Governor General and members of the. Senate shall no longer be appointed. They will be elected by the Canadian people for one eight-year term, through a referendum process.

The Preservation of Individual Liberties will be preserved in the following ways:

1.     The end of plans to implement a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

2.    The end of plans to implement a Digital ID System.

3.     Legislation to make Vaccine Passports illegal.

4.     Legislation to prohibit foreign, non-governmental organizations, such as the WEF and the WHO from having any decision-making authority over Canada’s national sovereignty.

As Freedom-loving Canadians, it is imperative that we tirelessly exercise our democratic rights- be it through voting, peaceful assembly or free expression- until a government that is truly of the people, by the people and for the people is re-established in Canada.

It is my hope that this article will encourage discussion here on Denman and Hornby Islands.

                    Carpe Diem comme on dit!    Perri Gorrara.

Author: TIG

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