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Friday, December 1, 2023

Letter to the Editor – Duranne Anderson

Dear Editor

I was really happy to read Perri Gorrara’s letter from Albert Einstein about the power of love.

I believe it’s true that love is the strongest power of all and yet it can be the hardest to find, describe or deliver in challenging situations. We’re thrashing and flailing around in our very human forms stoically and righteously carrying our baggage and judgements. We think we’ve personally got the right and only answer but many of us, myself included, quite honestly don’t even know most of what we’re lugging along with us.

Many people these days are working in the field of energy to bypass the human and go straight to Source, Spirit, Universe or whatever word may speak to them. There’s a guy called Matt Kahn and many others doing this kind of work globally. If you feel called to do so check out Matt Kahn’s Youtube video about frustration. It’s a new frontier. I know there are many others working globally to bring love to the planet including but not limited to religious organizations of course. I don’t think Albert Einstein told us HOW to work with love but I think we can figure it out.

Duranne Anderson

Author: TIG

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