Kentucky Fried Warrior

CS# 05943451

March 29th, 2007

Kentucky Fried Warrior

So yesterday, the guys on the Farm Crew are busy doing as they do. Working with the mill, tending after the chickens, driving about in the tractor. Farm stuff. It was this crew that Sean ‘Fur Dog’ Miller worked on during his time in jail. It was also this crew that chided and at times derided the Big Dawg for his tendency to shit talk. Tales of his outside life, his past, were met with much skepticism as they broached on the improbable to most. 

“Third ranked B.M.X. biker in the world,” as an example. 

“$1.2 million dollar pot transactions,” being another. 

It seems that as Furry’s discharge was nearing, he spoke of how he was going to bring the boys chicken for lunch one day. He even went so far as to say that he’d be wearing camouflage. Whether this was a nod to the thoroughness of his plan or simply his preferred garb I can’t say. But while the farm crew was in the midst of their day who should happen to appear on a bike, but Sean. What tickles me about this development is that while we, on Crew #2, were having our climactic moment over OUR lunches, locked in discussion with S.C.O. Wight on the side of the highway some 45 kilometres north of the jail, Furry, all 260 pounds of him dressed in camouflage, comes wobbling onto restricted grounds on his bike with a bucket of chicken tucked under his arm! He followed through. Not a thing that he said during his entire stay here was regarded as truth by most he talked to. And he did like to talk. But there it was. A chicken lunch for the boys. I suspect that for some on the Farm Crew, they never imagined that crow would taste so much like chicken! 

Envisioning this rather large fellow in camouflage, perched atop a bicycle with a red and white emblazoned bucket under his wing is simply too comical! I can almost hear the sad but plucky squeak of his wheels. For Sean, attempts to keep from standing out can’t help but fail for nothing about the Big Dawg is inconspicuous. Where the success of his play bore fruit was in the element of surprise. Not a one of the farm crew really put much stock in what he’d said he’d do so there was no anticipation drawing heat.

Too often promises are made by inmates about to be discharged. Promises that stoke anticipation among the reds who remain. It’s an anticipation that can build to the point of being conspicuous and chance ruining any ‘play.’ Such is the desperation. The fact of the matter is most often the newly departed is never heard from again. Leaving the remainders to feel the swoon of dashed hopes. And this can seal one’s Correctional Systems reputation. Don’t follow through on your promises and you’ll forever be labelled a ‘Goof.’ And should a ‘Goof’ find themselves back in jail they’ll immediately be assigned to Protective Custody for their own safety. But in Furry’s instance, and to his credit, he DID what said he’d do. And for this, the Fur Dog ascends to the revered rank of ‘Warrior.’ 

Kudos to the Big Dawg. It doesn’t necessarily convince the guys all that he proclaimed could actually be truth but I’m told the chicken sure tasted good.