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Friday, December 1, 2023

Israel-Palestine: We’re All in This Together

Israel-Palestine: We’re all in this together Sally Campbell

Everyone in Israel-Palestine must be suffering trauma right now, and those with connections to

that troubled region and its inhabitants are heartbroken, deeply concerned and afraid of what

is to come in a catastrophe worsening by the day.

We grieve all the losses of life. No life is less valuable than another. We grieve Hamas’ violent

and murderous assault on Israelis, amplified by the memory of the Holocaust. At the same time,

we grieve Palestinian longtime suffering under occupation, and the ongoing pummeling of

Gaza. We watch in horror as governments send more weapons to an area that needs no more

warfare, an area already darkly marked by the blood of innocents.

I remember taking a three day course on Trauma at the Justice Institute of BC many years ago,

presented by New York psychologist/trauma specialist, Dr. Joe Solanto. He said that after 9/11

all the therapists arrived in town to help ease the situation, but “talk” was not what people

actually needed at the time. What do body and soul need when trauma is up close? Comfort.

Warmth. Food. Hot soup and bread. Not analysis, not endless explaining or condemning, or

especially, vengeful planning of retaliation.

So here is my very simple recipe for Walnut-Date Bread from one of my esteemed role models,

the late great artist Georgia O’Keeffe. I hope it will offer some comfort.

Georgia’s recipe, only slightly altered by me:

. C softened butter

. C brown sugar

. t. salt

1 t. baking soda

1 C dates (8)

. C walnuts, chopped

1 egg

1 . C organic whole wheat flour

1 C boiling water

Cream butter & sugar, add egg & salt. Combine flour, nuts & dates and mix water in. Combine

with butter mixture.

Bake @ 350 in an oiled bread pan for 50-60 minutes. Delicious warm or cold! Enjoy.

Author: TIG

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