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Phoenix Riting! – September 21st, 2023

The Fall Faire was cold! Windy! Brrrr! I set up my tent to do readings, but abandoned it because there was no point, the wind would blow the cards away. Confession: I didn’t want to work! I have never had the opportunity to enjoy the Faire, browse the vendor stalls (I bought a bucket of basil for drying), hear the music, explore the exhibits, and visit with friends.


Best of all I watched Zucchinigeddon, the amazing hi-tech zucchini races that happen every year. Excitement! Thrills! Tension! It was so much fun, and I entered fully into the spirit. My favourite zucchini, a fanciful armoured creation that was much faster than it seemed it ought to be (created by Beatrix), won! I did wonder why the White Rabbit (bus zucchini with flashing lights) didn’t race; was it just for show?


Island children (with maybe a little help from parents) made forty different fantastical vehicles from zucchinis. Some were truly massive, some quite tiny, some elaborate sculptures and some stripped down and practical. It was great fun, helped by a very kind gentleman in front of me who voluntarily stepped back to offer my 5′ self a clear view.


Despite the cold, a very large crowd showed up. The field was jammed full of parking, more than I’d ever seen at that venue. The lineup of cars crawling to turn into the Farm went nearly to Strachan Road – nobody wanted to miss the parade.


There were a couple elements missing at this year’s parade, but with other elements added… bagpipes instead of the marimba band, for example. Also missing was Queen Ben this year, who traditionally led the parade. Amani Marimba, a many-years staple at the Faire, wasn’t able to make it, so a bagpiper led the parade, and it was really quite stirring–I enjoy a good bag of pipes. Well done. The floats were fun–the Dragon Boat(less) crew were having an especially great time!


The theme this year was ‘Friends and Allies.’ The only parade element I saw that specifically spoke to that theme (aside from the fact of being friends and allies) was a large orange pumpkin person twined with beans and corn–the Three Sisters. Clever Reina!


Of course, there was music–including yours truly. But so cold! It made guitar more of a challenge than usual, as my fingers stiffen up in the cold, but I think I pulled it off, and no one else seemed to have difficulty. It was a very fun day for all, despite blue lips and shivers on the part of some in the audience. Those who had the foresight to bundle up were much better off.


And that winds up another frantic busy summer season on Hornby–now begins our slow descent into winter. I will be taking another road trip during the first couple weeks of October, to be back in time for another recording session at the Barn. I hope to hit that brief sweet spot for travel, between wildfires and snow.


I hope you are all prepared for the season’s change; be well.


That’s what I think. What do you think? email me at phoenixonhornby@gmail.com


Author: TIG

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