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Phoenix Riting! – September 7th, 2023

How about that! It’s Labour Day already. Time flies when you’re having way too much fun (way, way too much). It’s been an amazing summer, very busy and lots of sunshine, though I spent much less time on the beach than in past summers. Am I the only one nostalgic for Covid times? Remember those two long, leisurely, lonely summers? On Hornby, that’s unheard of, for locals at any rate. Summer rushes by in a frenzy of busy, thronging with people wanting what we have to offer. That’s not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. I love it. But there is always this feeling–this one, right now–of perching precariously on the edge, hanging by a thread, waiting for it to just… all… be… done. Are we there yet? What I’m saying is, I’m tired.


At last, we are done, Labour Day has come and will be gone by the time you read this. September is much busier than it used to be, as the shoulder season has been stretched with more visitors and some businesses remaining open longer. I’m into it; I’d rather a gentle descent than the extreme plummet of Labour Days past. I would wander the empty Ringside, a little dazed, wondering, where’d everybody go? Who lives here now?


Sometimes I talk to what I think are new people, only to find out they’ve been living here for three years already. Covid messed everything up. People moved here, lived here for years, faces hidden behind masks, socially distanced, becoming firmly entrenched as seasoned islanders, yet still new to the community. Everything is topsy turvy.


But what a summer it has been! Everything blurs together in my memory, such as the amazing show at Baird Nursery with the Odus Haven Band (12-year-old Odus Haven Atkinson with family and friends), the blissful blur of the Festival and so much more. Music has been everywhere; in the ringside, at the nursery, at Hornby Island Pizza, the buskers at the Farmer’s Market, shows at the Hall, various venues like the Seabreeze, Lerena Vineyard, Fossil Beach and… probably more I’ve missed.


Coming up this Wednesday at the Seabreeze, I’m excited to see Angel Forrest and D. Columbus play with Ricky Paquette. It’ll be over by the time you read this, sorry if you missed it.


The next big thing here will be the Fall Faire on Sunday September 17. This is a joyful yearly celebration with costumes on parade and all sorts of farm-related activity such as zucchini races, chickens, goats, prizes for cucumbers, tomatoes and other produce, and best of all–pie! I’ll be in my tent doing readings for part of it but I’ll abandon my post at some point to play a set on the Fall Faire stage where music will be happening. Usually the Fall Faire takes place on a glorious warm sunny day, but there have been dramatic exceptions so be prepared! I’ll be staking down my tent, is what I’m saying.


I did take the summer off from my shows at CHFR-FM (96.5), our local radio station and my Sunday second home, due to the mixing board being down and eventually being replaced with a new one that my August brain didn’t want to have to figure out. September brain finally took the plunge on Sunday, and it turns out the equipment is super simple and it all flowed easily. I’m back on the air, refreshed and ready. Note, the Songwriter Circle has a new timeslot: Sunday from 1-3pm.


I’m excited to get back into the studio at the Barn to record some more! I have several sessions scheduled for this Fall and I’ll keep you all posted how that’s going. I hope you are taking care of yourselves and ready to decompress after this extremely busy and compacted summer season.


That’s what I think. What do you think? Email me at phoenixonhornby@gmail.com 

Author: TIG

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