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Friday, December 1, 2023

Letter to the Editor – JD McKee

Jeez, this whole thing is like a 1940’s movie about the upstanding journalist on a small newspaper facing extortion, threats, and even death threats from crooked, mob connected politicians, with outstanding fortitude.  From the other side, it is also a virtue signalling spiral to the bottom while treasuring victimhood, but as always, not from the alleged victims, but from otherwise unaffected “allies”.

I looked, but could not find what started this in your paper.  I cannot imagine from what I have seen that it was anything remotely objectionable.

On the other hand, the letter you published from someone threatening you is nothing short of extortion.  

Also, nepotism seems to be involved, as well as wrongful dismissal from someone at Denman Works.  Well, that is what is being written in public anyway. 

Keith, you rock.  Keep up the integrity of the Fifth Estate.  I don’t care if you run this or not but you can damn well put my name on it if you do.

JD McKee

Author: TIG

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