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Letter to the Editor – Bob Morley

Dear Editor,

Upon coming across a ‘weird’ article by Alex Allen, I decided to look up weird in my Webster’s dictionary and it said: “fate, destiny; soothsayer, magical, unearthly, mysterious, odd, fantastic” to name a few adjectives. Further on, we were referred to being ‘rather normal’. So, I looked up normal in said dict and found that we were ‘perpendicular, regular, occurring naturally’ and I started to feel better about myself as I enjoy being perpendicular, rather than horizontal and regular rather than constipated. But as the writer referred himself as an ‘outsider’, I of course consulted my weber and discovered he is ‘a person not a  member of some group’, but, ‘a contender not favored to win’. My humble conclusion therefore is: It is our destiny to remain regularly perpendicular to horizontal Hornby and leave the outsider to remain a contender between a rock and the Salish Sea.  With love, Bob Morley

Author: TIG

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