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Trapped Rat – Alan Black

 trapped rat

There is a rat trapped behind my washing machine.

I can still see its dark grey tail when I shine my small black multi use flashlight behind the machine.

I don’t want rodents in my house; I once woke up to a rat in the kitchen dragging an avocado across the kitchen lino like a character from Goodfellows who was doing a debt collection.

In the recent past I have killed them with traps but taking this rodent head on would bring killing rats to a much more personal and disturbing level.

I don’t own a gun which is the most convenient of killing machines although even a twenty two would be messy and likely put a hole in the floor.

I could probably batter it to death with my blue acrylic pool cue but this would be rather unpleasant for both of us and I would not ever be able to look at the cue the same way.

I have sent a text to my wife and wait for further instruction.

Author: TIG

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