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Phoenix Riting! – June 29th, 2023

Summer has hit and in a few days we will be deep in the heat and thick of it. After a blessed few days of cooler weather and even a few drops of rain, we are back to hot and dry conditions. It’s crucial right now to conserve water! I know your garden, like mine, is drooping with thirst, but they will survive on less water, even if they’d be lusher and thrive better on more. More and more, I hear of long-sufficient wells going dry for the first time. In the city, fresh water may be reliably abundant year-round, but here in summertime, every drop is precious. Sweet water, elixir of life!


At the community garden where I have a plot, the situation is approaching dire, as our water catchment system is finite and getting lower every day. It’s time to let the tomatoes be a bit drier than they’d like, mulch and more mulch! These past few years have taught me much about mulch. The more you mulch, the less you need to water.


Summers are hot and heavy here on Hornby. So much to do! So little time to do it in! Markets are expanding into Wednesday next week, in addition to Saturdays from 10:30 to 1:30 (new time, take note!).


So many events and happenings, art openings, music events and many more options for eating out than is the case in the off season. In fact, there’s an art opening this Friday featuring the works of Michelle Nyberg and Farminista Pottery, don’t miss it, 7pm at the Hall


I went out to Joe King last Thursday to dance to the heavy sound of Wailing Station, and they are great, a super talented band. Strong vocals, good beat, fun tunes but… so loud… painfully loud. They could use a bucket of earplugs by the door. After Wailing Station was the Pseudos from Haida Gwai. I liked their spaghetti-surf’ sound, though after a few tunes it started to all sound the same so I left, ears ringing.


This past Sunday afternoon in the Ringside, now-locals Angel Forrest and D. Columbus sang a gorgeous set between 2 and 4pm. Lots of covers, a few originals, expertly executed with typical panache. Even a wee bit of dancing happened toward the end.


There was a sad aftermath. Angel says, “It was a beautiful day… EXCEPT for losing my long time tiny silver cross, St Christopher and a silver 3 pence coin in a frame… all 3 hung from my neck on the same chain. I was in the Ringside and at Seabreeze (parking lot and on the grass towards cabin 9) if anyone finds either or all pieces… PLEASE let me know. Thank you.”


If you find any of those items, let Angel directly, or you can email me at the address below and I will pass the word.


I will have some shows this summer myself, starting this coming Tuesday. I am to play music at Lerena from 5:30 to 7:30 over dinner on several Tuesdays, the first one July 4th, again July 18, August 1 and the last show will be August 22. Also, of course, I will be opening at the Festival for Alpha Yaya Diallo on August 12. It’s been a long time since I performed publicly, I’m excited (maybe a teensy bit nervous)! Do please drop by and enjoy a glass of wine with a gourmet meal prepared by Chef Marija Sinats.


Canada Day weekend is here, when the floodgates open and the human tide rises to flood our island. Watch for animals, kids, bicycles on the roads and don’t speed. On behalf of cyclists: never pass a bicycle unless you can see for certain that nobody is coming. What’s the rush? Take a breath, slow down and follow the bicycle until you can see visually that the coast is clear. Taking a chance by passing a bicycle while going around a corner or topping a hill in busy trafficky summer is crazy dangerous.


Summer is here! Let’s be careful out there, and have fun!


That’s what I think, what do you think? email me at phoenixonhornby@gmail.com 

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