The Jab

Thomas Provençal


The Jab

By Thomas Provençal

A nightmare pharmaceutical 

has filled my waking dreams: 

would be doctors jab me 

though proof exists in reams,

the potion that they’re pushing 

isn’t what it seems. 

Like laboratory guinea pigs 

our freedom and our rights 

are squeezed into a quarantine 

with artificial lights 

where TV hammers information 

to convince us of a lie 

that the jab is for protection 

though from it people die.

The strongest evidence I see: 

the rich are making money. 

Is this what Justin had in mind 

when touting times as “sunny”? 

When I lineup for the booster 

and sign the waiver form 

I hope the jab won’t kill me. 

All I want is to conform. 

I know that politicians lie; 

it’s how they get their job. 

Doctors pledge to do no harm 

but they’re working for the mob.

What’s the reason for the jab?

It doesn’t stop the virus. 

Bamboozled by the 1%

so they can hang and dry us. 

Yet the jab is mere distraction. 

It’s all about control!

Impose a pass as pressure 

to permit a social role.

The jab is just a smoke screen. 

They really want the pass. 

Bunnie bitch can take em all 

an shove em up her ass.