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Summer Gallery Plans for 2022

 Summer Gallery Plans for 2022.

The Gallery will be OPENING this Summer to welcome established and new artists to show their work.  There may be a few changes to the regular routines to work around the COVID-19 restrictions, but we are confident that everything will be fine!  So let’s get going on this.

We are looking to exhibit work in all media and encourage you to have your work for sale.  We accept solo submissions, but we love to have artists collaborate to plan a group show as this gives us a better opportunity to show more artists’ work.  In fact, sometimes we put two artists together when they work in different media.

The Summer Gallery committee provides advertising, a curator and volunteers to sit at the Gallery, so please consider applying for a space as all you need to do is bring your work!

Please submit your proposal, which must include photos of your work, to my email address jascruton@gmail.com by Tuesday March 22nd at 5pm.  If you prefer to submit your proposal by hand please place it in an envelope in the Free Post under S.

For those who are new to the Summer Gallery, there are guidelines to help you wth the process under “Summer Gallery proposals” or you can call Judith Scruton at 250 335 2069. 

We look forward to hearing from our great artistic community.  Let’s make this the best Summer Gallery ever!

Submitted by Judith Scruton.



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