Simple Living: Tailgate-Party Revolution

Maxine Rogers


The Simple Life, Tailgate-Party Revolution. by Maxine Rogers

I have long noticed that the mainstream media will go to almost any length to not report the news. I guess they don’t want to upset their sponsors. For example, in Canada, a country of around 38 million citizens, on Saturday 5 February an estimated 5 million of them were out protesting against the loss of our Charter Rights and Freedoms.

You would never guess this by looking at the CBC. They barely mention the protests and call all 5 million pissed-off Canadians a fringe minority. One of these pissed-off Canadians is the Honorable Brian Peckford, former Premier of Newfoundland. Mr. Peckford is the last surviving First Minister to have worked on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and he has launched a lawsuit against Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government for their suspension of the Charter Rights over the Covid 19 illness.

Mr. Peckford said the clause that allows suspension of Charter Rights which include freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion, security of the person and freedom of movement was intended for a far more serious situation, such as war, insurrection, the state being threatened in its existence or some similar devastation, rather than the emergence of an illness with a greater than 99% survival rate. The reason he was being interviewed on a podcast was that none of the mainstream media in Canada will report on this story.

So, if the CBC will not report on that or on much of anything else then I felt it was up to me to go out and bring eye-witness news to Denman and Hornby. Last Saturday, I set off with some friends to join the Freedom Rally that was starting at Campbell River and would end up at the Legislature in Victoria. The rally organizers asked everyone in the convoy to drive slowly in the right-hand lane with hazard lights on.

We caught up with the convoy just south of Parksville and it was a very jolly event. All the protesters were keeping good convoy discipline and driving safely. The lines of cars, trucks, and transport trucks were decked with Canadian flags. I saw a snippet of Jagmeet Singh saying the Freedom Convoys were flying hateful flags and I would like to ask him just what it is he finds hateful about the Canadian flag?

I have been watching the Freedom protest in Ottawa being livestreamed and have seen nothing but happy, proud and patriotic Canadians waving the Canadian flag. Perhaps Jagmeet needs to get out more and look with his own eyes or maybe he might just want to start respecting the working-class Canadians that he claims to represent and lead.

Anyway, the convoy was a delightful sight with many people flying the Canadian flag on hockey sticks. The sight warmed all our hearts. We passed many groups of supporters, a lot of them with sweet little kids, who were carrying signs of support for the Convoy, such as, “Truckers are our Heroes,” and, “Free Canada.” The overpasses were lined with Freedom Convoy supporters waving their red and white flags. There was a very festive atmosphere. No one was wearing a mask. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta recently came out and said that cloth masks do no good at stopping the spread of viruses so why are we still supposed to wear them?

The convoy was huge. We had to leave it a couple of times for refreshment breaks and when we came back out to the road, there it was still snaking into the distance to the north and south. There has been a lot of loose talk about the Freedom Convoys being made up of racists and misogynists but I was seeing more women than men and it strains credulity to believe that all those women were haters of women. There were a lot of different skin tones among the protesters but I didn’t bother about what races were present because this is not about race, it is about Canadians standing up for their Charter Rights and Freedoms.

It was a long slow drive and we began counting the RCMP cruisers that were parked along the road facing the oncoming convoy, the Mounties sat with their little filming devices in their hands. I was a bit surprised to see one Mounty sitting on the bank by his car, filming the convoy. What surprised me was that he had a full-face rubber mask on to disguise his face, the creature! Who do the Mounties think they are, the Chilean police? Are they ashamed to show their faces? Perhaps, they should be. All we were doing was exercising our constitutional right to peaceful protest and they appeared to be seeking to intimidate us.

The Mountie’s strategy of being the enforcers of illegal government policy is going hilariously wrong at the Coutts, Alberta border crossing. Every time the Mounties try to block supplies getting in or harass or arrest peaceful protesters, another group of Freedom Convoy supporters comes up and surrounds their police cruisers, blocking them in. The local farmers and ranchers came up with their big tractors and surrounded the RCMP cruisers at which point, our brave lads in their cop cars were sort of puzzled about what to do next. So, they called the towing companies who declined to come and save their very cold Mounty asses.

The Mounties sent in more cruisers and tried again and were surrounded again by a huge number of just ordinary cars and trucks from the surrounding area. This morning, 6 February, I was delighted to watch what looked like every horse club in Southern Alberta show up mounted on beautiful horses, decked with those glorious Canadian flags Jagmeet and the Trudeau boy find so hateful, and ride in to support the protesters.

You see, Government can only govern with the support of the people. Once millions of Canadians are prepared to do such things as sleep in their tractors in the freezing Alberta night to protect a peaceful protest, I would say the people have withdrawn their support and the government no longer has any legitimacy.

The protest at the Legislature in Victoria was noisy, good natured and fun. All the Denman and Hornby people who went enjoyed it hugely. I will end with some of the slogans I saw painted on the protesters’ signs: “Stand for Freedom or Kneel to Oppression, I prayed for a miracle and got a Convoy, Freedom 4 all, Let’s Make Justin a Drama Teacher Again!, Science that Can’t be Questioned=Propaganda.”