Letter to the Editor

Eric Atlee


Jesus and Reincarnation

In Jesus’ time, scholars from throughout the world came to study at the great library in Alexandria, Egypt – This included Buddhists from Afghanistan – India

(Alexander the Great had been there 350 years previous). It’s no secret Buddhists believe in reincarnation and evolution of the soul.

Jesus who could heal the sick, said “I am the son of man” and “as I am, so shall you be.”

Sounds like reincarnation and evolution of the soul to me.

I wonder why no-one else seems to come to this conclusion. Whether the story of Jesus is allegory or history: I couldn’t care less.

That said, reading the gospel of John – a two hour read certainly put a spring in my step.

Eric Atlee



  1. To the Editor:
    In response to Oakley Rankin’s comment about the cell tower fire depicted on the CRHI flier and webpage and mis-identified by me as “spontaneous combustion”, I’ve phoned Oakley to thank him for his correction. I was wrong in my assumption. He is right — and a better reporter in this regard! In future, I will take more care with captions.

    It remains troubling that a Rogers repairperson could inadvertently start a fire atop a cell tower in a forested area. -William Thomas

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