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For you on Valentine’s Day

For you on Valentine’s Day By Dante Ambriel

February 14 is the feast day of Saint Valentine which has deep roots in our pagan past.

Marking the first day of Spring, when work in the vineyards began, it was said wild love birds proposed to each other on that day.

Saint Valentine became the Saint of Spring, good health and the patron of beekeepers and was said to stir life deep into the very roots of plants which began growing on this day.

Now, celebrated globally as the Day of Love, I want to offer to you a love story that I wrote, won an award for and then a grant to be produced as a virtual play which was to be presented online.

For the last six months my play/film has been under contract and out of my control and could only to be seen as a pay per view online.

But now I am free to offer it out without any cost to anyone.

So, please think of it as a moving Valentine Card to this community.

When I was commissioned to produce the film, I had to abide by certain rules dictated by the constraints of Covid.

No stage or live actors.

Everything had to come from the internet and be produced digitally.

I had to think creatively and learn about the digital world which I knew nothing about.

Out of these restraints came Virtual Ecstasy – a 35 minute kinetic collage film that follows three people in their quest to find love as they explore virtual reality.

I hope that you enjoy it and the amazing special effects towards the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRBuMbaiYdM

You can also find our two musical albums The Genesis Moment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEGSwX4PvsY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLHmutwH4DY



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