Trucking Highway #1

Amanda Hale


TRUCKING HIGHWAY #1 by Amanda Hale January 31, 2022

In Canada today, we have the attention of the mainstream media internationally, thanks to our brave truckers, who are being supported by tens of thousands of proud Canadians across the country, and by many of their fellow US truckers.

Now let’s take a look at mortality, and the reasons why so many people refuse the Covid-19 injection. The CBC tells us that more people are dying of Covid than at any time during these past two years. What they don’t say is that many of these deaths are caused not by Covid, but by the toxic gene manipulation they call “a vaccine.” (See chart of official figures below) *

We cannot vaccinate our way out of this nightmare. Already 54,000 at the very least, (in the UK, Europe and the US alone), are dead from Covid injections, and these fatalities, usually following close on a Covid-19 injection or booster, are excused as “coincidences.” Pfizer’s liability protection is now in question, forcing the corporation to reveal responsibility for one million adverse events in the US alone, including miscarriage, permanent disablement, and death.

Science, (observable results of medical experiments), has shown us that the “vaxxed” are no more protected than the “unvaxxed.” Israel’s Director of Public Health, addressing the Food and Drug Administration Advisory Panel reported, “Sixty percent of the people in severe and critical condition were, um, were immunized, doubly immunized, fully vaccinated. Forty-five percent of the people who died in this fourth wave were doubly vaccinated.” (Page 928 of the Kindle edition of Robert Kennedy Jr’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci). This begs the question, what exactly is killing them?

Back in November 2021, Suzanne Coles, former Provincial Offenses Prosecutor for the Ministry of the Attorney General in Ontario, reported: “Front line nurses have contacted me. Still-births have increased from 6 per year (average), to 86 in 6 months. Within 48 hours, one hospital had 9 still-births. That’s an 800% increase. All mothers were vaccinated.” (At 5.10 on video link)

And now, Arne Burkhardt, German pathologist, has discovered the reason for so many “coincidental” vaccine deaths and injuries. Post mortems have revealed that autoimmune cells have been attacked by killer lymphocytes that invade and destroy heart, lungs, and other soft tissue organs.

Why does this happen? Because of the viral spike proteins that trigger the attacks.

* December 2021 Official Figures of Covid-19 injection damage.

Deaths: UK 1,822 Europe 32,652 US 19,532

Injuries UK 1,314,659 Europe 2,970,644 US 4,421,178

Sources: MHRA – Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

EMA – European Medicines Agency

VAERS – Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

This information can be verified at in a 16 minute video, released in December 2021 with an explanation by Dr. Bhakdi


Robert Kennedy Jr. is an environmental lawyer. From 1986 to 2017 he served as senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council, a non-profit environmental organization. In 2011 he founded Children’s Health Defense. His recent book – The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Healthis an exposé of a criminal career.

So, who is Fauci? An American physician-scientist and immunologist serving as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and the Chief Medical Advisor to the US President. He has been director of the NIAID since 1984, involved with HIV/AIDS research and other immunodeficiency diseases, both as a research scientist and as head of the NIAID. Wikipedia adds, “Some falsely claim he was involved in creating the virus in a Chinese lab.” Why mention “false claims” in a Wikipedia article if not to point at the truth?

Kennedy’s book documents in excruciating detail the career path of Fauci, his involvement with Bill Gates, and the horrors that these men have perpetrated on the world with vaccines and medical mismanagement in the cause of personal power and financial gain. The most alarming aspect of the book is the complete transparency of their machinations, and the impunity with which they operate. Dr. Jonathan Fishbein, former director of the US National Institutes for Health has this to say:

“Dealing with Tony Fauci is like dealing with organized crime. He’s like the godfather. He has connections everywhere. He’s always giving money to people in powerful positions to make sure he gets his way. These connections give him the ultimate power to fix everything, control every narrative, escape all consequence, and sweep all the dirt and all the bodies under the carpet, and to terrorize and destroy anyone who crosses him.”

Fauci is known as Teflon Tony for obvious reasons, Teflon being not only a non-stick agent, but a highly toxic one.

Those experimented on are the easy victims – babies, orphans, foster children, the poor and destitute from Black, Hispanic and African populations.

Vera Sharav, holocaust survivor, and founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection – a medical industry watchdog organization – has spent her life trying to defend children against practices of the biomedical industry. Examples of these atrocities are reported in Kennedy’s book:

“Fauci’s NIAID and his Big Pharma partners turned Black and Hispanic foster kids into lab rats, subjecting them to torture and abuse in a grim parade of unsupervised drug and vaccine studies … known to cause genetic mutation, organ failure, bone marrow death, bodily deformations, brain damage, and fatal skin disorders.”

If you can stomach more of this, see page 529 in the Kindle edition of Kennedy’s book.

Readers may remember Beagle Gate from last October – cruel animal experiments by the NIAID using American tax dollars. Beagle puppies were starved and had their vocal cords removed so that they couldn’t howl. Their heads were trapped in cages with sand fleas that ate them alive.

Other puppies were injected with lab-made “mutant” variants of tick-borne bacteria before being exposed to hundreds of ticks that then sucked their blood for up to a week. Their blood was drawn twice a week for eight weeks before they were euthanized.

Fauci, along with a host of accomplices in his murderous campaigns, is one of the big players in the Covid campaign, which has a long history, going back in this case to 1984 and the AIDS crisis. AIDS didn’t quite work for them because it became associated with a certain lifestyle. There have been several attempts over the years, and now they’ve hit the jackpot with Covid.

“Governments do like epidemics, just the same way as they like war. It’s a chance to impose their will on us, and get us all scared so that we huddle together and do what we’re told.” Dr. Damien Downing, President, British Society of Ecological Medicine (Al Jazeera, 2009)

You need to read about it. It will shock you. These criminals cannot operate without us, without our ignorance, our turning away, our self-satisfied blaming of the “unvaxxed” for everything, as the bearers of “misinformation,” i.e. anything that departs from the official propaganda used to control us.

That is how Fauci, Gates, and the rest of them manage to operate with impunity. They will go down in history as the tyrants and destroyers of humanity that they are; and we as their silent collaborators.

There are multiple lawsuits in progress across the globe – against Fauci, Gates, our fugitive prime minister, and against all the players in this incredible descent into moral corruption.

To name a few, the Honourable Brian Peckford, former Premier of Newfoundland, and the last living signatory of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is suing the Canadian government over travel mandates; Canadian lawyer, Rocco Galati is suing the Canadian Government for human rights violations, the CBC for misinformation and fear-mongering, and the BC health authorities; German-American lawyer, Reiner Fuellmich is suing the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), and Klaus Schwab and his Davos group. The lawsuits are national and international, and the charges will trickle down to everyone accountable, everyone who has in whatever capacity cooperated in these crimes against humanity. Murder is a crime, and the guilty are being named.

The issues we face today go beyond borders. Our prime minister is entangled internationally with grave tyrannies. He was named by his father for the just society; and indeed, he will be brought to justice, as will Fauci and Gates.