Freedom Rally

C. Urquhart


Freedom Rally

Some of you may remember an article I submitted to the Grapevine back in September regarding demystifying some of the myths about the unvaxed. Well, in light of some very interesting developments as of late, I felt it was time for a follow up.

First, let’s take a look at where we are in terms of Covid19. Have you noticed that every time things start to look as though they are going to get better, they come out with a new strain which is either stronger than the last or spreading faster than any other strain? Even though Trudeau has maintained his “get vaxed” mantra, people are still testing positive in record numbers, including himself! It’s almost hysterical how he continues to blame the unvaxed even though it’s been months now that our movements have been restricted and/or we’ve been forced into unemployment. Have you noticed that CBC has stopped comparing vaxed vs unvaxed when they are citing the number of cases and numbers in ICU each day? It is clear that the vax campaign has not been successful and yet people are still screaming “the greater good!” while attacking anyone who disagrees. The decades long women’s right movement has virtually been wiped out in one fell swoop, “My body, My choice” being replaced by “do this or else!”

For many of us, it has been 2 years of tolerating bullying, name-calling, character assassination and in some cases, unwarranted job loss and even expulsion from family and friends. It was as though the whole world had gone mad as everyone accused everyone else of “unreliable sources” and of being “racists and misogynists” (that one, from our very own Prime Minister). Overdoses and suicides were hitting a record high, more and more indigenous children’s bodies were being found, people were being arrested for protecting the old growth, all against the backdrop of the pandemic which, in some ways, seemed to be fuelling it all.

And then one day some truckers decided to stand up and say “no” to the mandates. No one could have known, even a few weeks ago, how many of them there would be or what kind of an impact they would have. We still don’t know what the end result will be but we do know that the “fringe minority” that Trudeau spoke of is actually millions of Canadians, your countrymen and women, your friends and your family. This protest has even inspired convoys in several other countries and is being watched with anticipation worldwide.

Of course, the first thing the mainstream media tried to do is discredit it (as they are being paid/forced to do) in the same way that they have done with any doctor or scientist who spoke out against the vax. If you don’t see the pattern, it probably means that you are deeply susceptible to the propaganda. Of course Trudeau is going to keep trying to push the vax narrative. According to the CBC, he’s ordered over 400 million shots. That works out to over 10 shots per person! That’s what Trudeau has in store for you. Thankfully, even people who are double vaxed are starting to realize that that is not the answer.

The truth is that thousands of people came out to cheer on the truckers on highway bypasses and all along the road sides right across Canada. Whole towns prepared food for them, gas stations donated gas and on Gofundme, they’ve raised almost $10 million to date and no, it’s not true that the funds were being withheld. It’s also not true that it was organized by white supremacists. One of the two main organizers is Jewish and the other is Metis.

For so many of us, the convoy is like a thousand white knights riding in on their horses to save the day, not just because of the mandates but because there are millions of us who have been treated like second-class citizens for the last two years and we’ve had enough! We are Canadian and as such, we embrace diversity and the freedom to choose what is right for ourselves and we are no longer going to tolerate the discrimination.

So to all the people out there who have supported the mandates, who complied by getting vaxed and who believe the masks are actually helping, that’s your right and no one is going to try to take that away from you. But if any of you decide that you are a better person than the next guy because you got vaxed, or if you try to bully us into complying with your ideologies, or you want to use mainstream media as your platform for convincing everyone that you are right, well, you can just back right off. I’m sorry if you’re afraid but if you’re afraid, then you stay home. If your immune system is compromised, then you take the necessary precautions. The vaxes were supposed to protect you and if they have failed to do so, who’s fault is that?

We’re done being the scapegoats and being treated as “less than” and we’re not going to tolerate it anymore. We have as much right to be here, to live and be free, as anyone else on this island and anyone in this country.

And for all of you who have stood strong through all of this despite the almost abusive treatment by your community and in some cases, family and friends, I salute you.

Please stay tuned for our very own convoy, coming soon to a downtown near you.

C. Urquhart