Corporate Interests

Thomas Provençal


Corporate Interests

by Thomas Provençal 

Self-loathing is an attitude 

of a conscious human being. 

To align with corporate interests 

is to face the wind while peeing. 

Modern corporations 

are more concerned with money 

than protecting social interests 

like producing milk and honey. 

And yet the people bow 

before the altar of success, 

measured by the profits 

and ignoring all the mess. 

Our natural world pooh-poohed upon 

in support of economics 

while the role of politicians 

is reduced to stand up comics. 

To champion social justice 

and not hog all the meat 

is to insult the example 

of the corporatist elite

who play with money markets 

instead of economic growth, 

pretending to be spending, 

defending technocratic oath. 

In defence of freedom 

the people must unite 

yet the system keeps us fat enough 

to erode our will to fight. 

Unconsciousness is dominant 

as people fall in line 

as a measure of obedience 

that the 1% define.


Author: publishermike