Margaret Magson

Ken Magson


On Monday 17 January 2022, Margaret Magson passed away at age 90 in Cumberland Lodge, Cumberland, BC. Marg was born on 3 March 1931 in East Stratton, England to Horace and Lily Knight.

Marg met her life-long partner Reg just after World War II and they made the best of the post war life spending many hours riding around England on a motorcycle. They married in 1954 and together they emigrated to Kitimat, BC in 1956. Reg went to work for Alcan and Marg went to work for the Royal Bank. Margaret was a wonderful cook producing meals from wild meats and fish and from multiple cultures. She ignited the love of cooking and enjoying good food in their son Ken.

Reg and Margaret made a massive life change in 1970 when they moved to Denman Island and became the joint owners of the Denman General Store. They sold the store in 1974 and moved to a new location on Denman Island. This idyllic spot provided a large garden, homes for beef cows, chickens, etc. She supported Reg in his job as the Denman Island school bus driver, Fire Chief and local small engine mechanic. She figured out schedules, fielded many calls from parents and customers, all between harvesting produce and helping maintain the garden. They lived there until Reg passed away in September 2020.

Marg had a wonderful memory and took great interest in everyone’s family remaining sharp until the end, remembering and always asking everyone about each member of their family. Margaret missed her husband greatly and due to her mobility issues moved on to assisted living and finally settling into Cumberland Lodge.

Survived by her son Ken, daughter in law Patricia, granddaughter Eilisha, and several other grandchildren and great grandchildren.