Denman Green, A Sustainable Housing Project

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Denman Green – A Sustainable Housing Project

Submitted by Denman Housing Association

Many of you know that the Denman Housing Association (DHA) is creating a 20-unit affordable housing project in ‘downtown’ Denman. The project is currently in the design stage. A key part of our design is the inclusion of many sustainable features that will make Denman Green a long-term asset for the Denman community.

Key Sustainability Features

Potable Water. Although the on-site well is capable of meeting the entire potable water needs of Denman Green year-round, we are electing to supply 50% of that volume from treated rainwater. The intent is to help mitigate against climate change by ensuring that our community’s water supply remains reliable. The project also incorporates water-saving devices and fixtures to minimize water usage.

Greywater. Water from showers and basins represents 25% of indoor water use in a typical household. By treating it and re-using it for toilet flushing Denman Green will save about 650,000 litres of water per year

Solar Array. A solar array is planned to meet most of our energy demand on an annual basis.

BC Energy Step Code. The building is being designed to meet the highest level of the province’s non- mandatory energy performance code. This involves well insulated walls and roofs, high performance windows, an air-tight building envelope and heat recovery ventilation.

Another key sustainable aspect of Denman Green is its location; steps from village stores, across the road from the school, a 10 minute walk to the ferry, all to minimize vehicle use.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Our sustainability plan is possible due to a grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and is a key step in making Denman Green a reality.

The Sustainable Affordable Housing initiative, an expansion of the FCM’s Green Municipal Fund, assists organizations such as ours in building affordable housing to ambitious energy-efficiency and sustainable standards.

“Municipalities are on the front lines of climate change and climate action, and communities of all sizes are showing climate leadership at a time when we need it most. GMF empowers them to get results on the ground, this is why this announcement is so important. We deliver results with our federal partners – helping cities and communities tackle affordable housing challenges, create jobs and build a greener, more sustainable country. Together, we’re on the path to net-zero.”

– Joanne Vanderheyden, President, Federation of Canadian Municipalities

For Denman Green the help of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities means we have the resources to design a sustainable high-performance project.

Memo: Community Information Meeting. Via zoom. Thursday January 13. 7 – 9 p.m.

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