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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Publisher’s Notes

Anyone who knows me to see me would likely exclaim, “Now there’s a person who knows a thing or two about baking!” And you know what? They’d be right! That I look like a holdover from Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke could be seen as an obvious tell but were you to try my oatmeal chocolate chip muffins well it would be YOU dear reader who’d succumb to the munchies!

Well, as much as I may know about baking I must humbly defer to Judy Armstrong and Marion McGaffney as true masters of the art. To prove my point have a gander at these photos showing the bounty of desserts they concocted in preparation of last Sunday’s home delivered Christmas meals.

Ladies, those desserts look tight! I actually had to scrutinize the photos to see that they weren’t copy pasted they look so uniform. Almost fractal! You’ll need to forgive me, I’ve been sitting in front of a computer far too much and, as you’ve already been informed, I enjoy baking!

Just look at how fresh they are, too (Judy and Marion). So impressive! I’m sure they’re exhausted but the feeling derived by supporting community initiatives like the Community Christmas Dinner clearly outweigh the tired feet and sore muscles that surely come in the wake of such a comprehensive task.

In the end over 40+ meals, replete with Judy and Marion’s Christmas treats, were delivered to appreciative locals keeping this long standing Denman tradition alive. Covid may have taken the hall from the community but it’ll never, nor should it, take this community from itself. Congratulations to you both!

The Farm to Family initiative, in consort with the Better at Home program and the Community Christmas Dinner gang are making sure we don’t lose sight of the importance of community even if it could possibly result in us losing sight of our feet!

I know that the list of volunteers goes well beyond Judy and Marion but unfortunately without any photos I’ve no way to acknowledge specifically all the wonderful folk it takes to pull this off. Are bakers simply more PR savvy than cooks? Perhaps. Or does photography have less appeal to cooks? I suppose that’s possible too. Geez, it’s questions like this that drew me to baking in the first place!

To all involved, the Grapevine extends a hearty tip o’ the hat. May your generous spirit shine on and prove more contagious than anything seeking to divide us. To quote the venerable Denise MacKean; “Volunteerism is the life blood of community!’ If you need any proof you need only look at the smiles on Judy and Marion’s faces.

Happy festive season to all, no matter how you acknowledge the occasion.




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