Monday, January 17, 2022
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Letter to the Editor

Thomas Provençal

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Dear Editor,

There are so many stories that are passed on, forwarded through on-line chats, often with little verification done. Here’s one from right here on Denman. At a private party I attended in mid October, a double vaxxed guest spread Covid to a large number of the others. One person even ended up in a coma. I have not been vaccinated as I did get covid in early July. The antibodies still in my system protected me. Why is there never any consideration in this vaxxed/unvaxxed debate about people who have their own antibodies? A third group. Given my recent experience it seems evident that survivors of covid are the safest people to be around. Vaccination passports give people a false sense of security and must be abolished.  

Thomas Provençal 


Author: publishermike


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